Moldy product CBD Oil expire date way past due

If you’re new to taking CBD Lifestyle, you might have some common questions such as when does CBD Oil expire? Well, yea, you should be aware that CBD Oil does expire.

CBD Expiration Date

Though there’s not a hard timeframe, the general consensus for experts seems to be an shelf-life between 1-2 years. There are several factors when considering it’s expiration date, including:

  • Anything that explicitly says the expiry date for that particular product
  • The type of product
  • How well the product was stored
  • Type of packaging
  • Material of the packaging
  • Level of Brave

Many of the findings (like, this one) suggest that it’s a weirder taste of the CBD Oil when stored for longer than 2 years, though soon we’ll discover whether there are actual disadvantages of using CBD Oil after 24 months. Only time will tell, and once the research is done, we’ll know for sure.

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