Putting CBD Oil freeze questions to rest

Let me guess– you’re wondering, “Will CBD Oil freeze if it’s stored in the freezer?” It can but not all CBD Oil can be stored in the freezer.

You Got Some CBD Oil Ice Cream or Something?

In general, you don’t want to put any kind of CBD Oil products in the freezer (or in extremely cold temperatures). There might be some CBD products specifically for freezing, and that would be possible because some products do alright in extreme cold– CBD Oil freeze pops works in this case.

What happens if CBD Oil Product Freezes

Usually the liquid blend of the CBD product will harden as it turns to a solid, and due to it’s unfreezing qualities (when you take it out of the freezer), it doesn’t seem the same. Sometimes a frozen CBD product can even be impossible to administer if it’s not supposed to be frozen.

How Cool Can it Get?

CBD Oil can be used in the refrigerator to extend its useful life. There was a post on Medium recently which talks more about the use of your fridge is recommended to have a longer shelf life.

When you want to extend the use of your CBD Product, consider adding it to the fridge– not the freezer. When CBD Oil freezes (and it’s not supposed to), it’s different. CBD Oil Ice Cream– now that’s an idea!

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