CBD Oil Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) we often receive.  If you want further information, please contact us.

Where can I buy CBD Oil in Kansas City?

You can purchase CBD Oil in KC by either going to a CBD Oil Store or buying CBD Oil online.  Since CBD Oil is now legal in all 50 US States, you have options now for where you can safely buy your CBD Products.

What’s the difference of buying CBD Oil in Kansas vs Missouri?

The only difference of purchasing CBD Oil in Kansas or Missouri is the sales tax consideration.  Since the Farm Bill passed, CBD Oil is legal to buy in all 50 States.

Can anyone buy CBD in Kansas?

As of 2019, there is not an age limit to buy CBD products in Kansas (nor Missouri).

Can I be arrested in Kansas for possessing CBD Oil?

Possessing CBD Oil is not illegal so you can’t be arrested for possessing it in Kansas (nor Missouri).

Is CBD Oil available in Kansas?

Yes, CBD Oil is available in KS.  Some of our loyal customers live in the State of Kansas.

Where can I get CBD Oil legally in Kansas?

You can buy CBD oil legally by either purchasing it online or going to a local CBD Shop.

Is CBD Oil legal in Missouri?

Yes.  Since the beginning of 2019, CBD Oil is now legal in Missouri.  CBD Oils are now legally available in the State of Missouri.

Can I buy CBD Oil infused snacks in Missouri?

Yes, CBD Oil infused snacks are often referred to as CBD Edibles, and they can be purchased and consumed in the State of Missouri.

Where to buy CBD edibles in Missouri?

You can buy CBD Edibles by going to a local CBD Store or you can buy the edibles online.

Where can I buy CBD Oil in Missouri?

To buy CBD Oil in MO, you simply need to either go to a local CBD Store to purchase or buy it online.

Do you ship to residents in Kansas?

Yes, if you’re a Kansas resident, we can ship CBD oil to you or you can come and purchase it at our shop.

What is the cost of CBD in Kansas City?

Depending on the type of product, CBD can purchased for less than a hundred dollars.  You can review product pricing when shopping around.