The tincture is one way for how CBD Oil is taken

If you’re relatively new to understanding the CBD Market, you might have some newbie questions such as learning how CBD Oil is taken. It can be taken in a variety of methods, though, there are more common ways to take your dose.

How CBD Oil is Taken

How you take CBD depends on:

  • the type of product (eg. edible vs topical vs tincture)
  • Product directions (for example, one product might recommend a certain dosage/procedure)
  • Personal Preference

The method for how you take your dose can also be determined by your particular condition.

To reference one case study for the use of the hemp-based oil, here is the breakdown:

  • Chronic Pain Ailments can call for 2.5 to 20mg used for several weeks
  • Epilepsy Ailments can call for 200-300mg used for several months
  • Sleep Disorders can call for 40-160mg used for several years
  • … and the list goes on

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How to Take CBD Oil

Here are some ways how you can take your dose:

  • Oral – Swallowed/Sublingual/Buccal
  • Inhalation (eg CBD vape)
  • Topical (eg applying CBD Lotion to skin)
  • Vaginal/Anal

The method to take CBD depends greatly on the type of product your are using! The dosage recommended depends on the type of product you bought (reference the product directions). And the frequency of usage depends on how the CBD makes you feel.

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