Tincture with CBD Oil made from Hemp

If you’re new to the Hemp Market, you might be wondering how CBD oil is made. If you believe that it is simply “marijuana” with less of a “high” effect, you might be misinformed. In this post, you will learn more information about how CBD Oil is extracted, where it is made and why it’s becoming a booming industry.

In gist, it is made by extracting CBD from the cannabis plant. As one of the 104 compounds found in the Cannabis Plant, “Cannabinoids” are extracted from the plant and thus result in what is simply referred to as “CBD Oil”.

Technically, the cannabidiol (derived from Cannabinoids) is extracted from the CBD Flower/Buds of the Cannabis Plants. Special equipment for making CBD oil (from Cannabis) are starting to enter the market. Due to its close relation to the marijuana plant (Cannabis), there has been differing views on the legal and proper use of products.

For example, in the US, medical cannabis programs have been initiated in many states, so the use of CBD (from the Cannabis Plant) has a reduced level of stigma when purchasing CBD in those states as compared to US States which has continued to make marijuana illegal.

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