Woman with child representing cbd oil when breastfeeding

When you’re pregnant and considering using CBD Oil during your pregnancy or while breastfeeding, you’ll want to know a perspective on using CBD Product. This is, as a reminder, a delicate topic and you’re encouraged to find the answers right for you, but we want to cover a perspective to consider.

Not Enough Studies Yet

The simple answer is that studies haven’t concluded strong evidence to suggest whether CBD Oil during pregnancy or breastfeeding is worrisome. So there isn’t a definitive answer for this yet. But we have discovered some findings for you to consider anyway:

  • Lactating Mothers — the few studies for this group has shown inconsistent results so the effect on newborns is unknown as it concerns breastfeeding and using CBD
  • Pregnant — some research is concerning as a study suggests that young children exposed to cannabis while in the womb might be at a disadvantage
  • Nothing conclusively, though – with the few studies that have done, there isn’t a definitive answer on it’s use for new mothers

The Possibilities, though

The use of CBD is tempting for helping with a mother’s pregnancy issues, like, nausea. Though, we don’t know what– if any– effect the use of CBD will have during this precious time of welcoming the new generations. Of course at the rate that CBD research is finding new uses for CBD Oil, it wouldn’t be surprising to see an abundance of evidence to support this practice in the future.

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