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With the recent legal changes, CBD Oil is now available to purchased in all 50 US States due to the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018.  In 2019, CBD Oil became legal to buy and consume in the United States.  Some of the articles we have provided about this topic contain research papers and reports to back-up the claims.

The CBD Market– Now it’s Legal

The law now allows residents in each State to buy and consume CBD Oil products without a prescription.  With the changes in the legal environment, this has lead a sharp increase in interest and sales of CBD Products.

The CBD Market is a niche category in the Cannabis Industry.  Specifically, CBD Oil is extracted from the Hemp portion of the Cannabis Plant so it has it’s own legalities and ramifications to consider compared to the Marijuana Industry.

For this topic on CBD Oil Kansas City, we walk you through perspectives for how to review the use of CBD and the legalities involved.  Note, this is not legal advice nor are we lawyers– this is simply a perspective to consider.

Top Reasons Legal Questions About CBD Oil

We get asked all the time about our opinions about certain legal questions with CBD Oil.  Here are some of the top questions and corresponding responses for such questions.


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