Fill in your own CBD Oil cost onto the price tag

When you’re sold on the idea of using CBD products, you might get sticker-shock at the checkout. That’s because the CBD Oil cost that people are charging now is outrageously over-priced or ridiculously under-priced, and most of the market is between those right now.

Why is CBD Oil so Expensive?

In the market now, there’s a lot of crazy stuff going on. As little regulation still looms in the market, there is a lot of product market testing and price sensitivity tests going on right now. This means that you might find a product for one price, and the same product selling at a different place for a cheaper amount. This is typical of new products with new batches of CBD, but using the same brand recognition for the next batch. The problem is that the new batch might be radically different than the previous batch — from the same brand!

Because of this, it’s good to find a CBD Expert that can help guide you through all the B2C tricks going on in the market.

It’s also important to make sure you’re sourcing quality CBD Products so having a local guide can help you as we all navigate through this changing marketplace. With more products entering the market, we’ll see whether CBD Oil, in general, increases in cost or gets cheaper.

Will CBD Oil Get Cheaper?

You would think so, right? As more products enter the market, and as regulation (for improved quality/safety standards) increases, surely competing companies will compete on price. Only time will tell whether this will also be proven with the quality CBD Product lines.

Quality CBD Oil Pricing

CBD Oil costs more when the CBD Oil products are higher in quality. With the growth of the CBD Market (included in the Cannabis Market which is growing at 700%) growing each year, quality CBD will likely stand-out in its own product category. Quality CBD Oil products are likely to cost you close to $100 or more for your purchase.

The differences in pricing for CBD Oil is due to a variety of factors, including, an under-regulated area of business and growing demand in the market. Within the CBD Market, players buy and sell a variety of prices for different types of CBD-products. You can get CBD products to buy now for under $50, but will that be in the case in the future? With more regulation expected, and more players involved– this might be the best time for pricing you’ll ever see.

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