CBD Oil and hemp oil come from the same plant

The debate is fierce. CBD Oil and Hemp Oil differ, and they are not the same thing. Let’s learn more about this duo.

From Different Parts of the Plant

They both originate from different parts of the Cannabis Plant. CBD Oil is sourced from the Flower and Leaves part of the plant, and Hemp Oil is sourced from the seeds of the Cannabis Plant.

Different Levels of CBD

Did you know that, both, CBD Oil and Hemp Oil contains CBD, but the reverse is not true?

CBD Oil contains up to 15% CBD (from quality products), while Hemp Oil contains a much lower amount of CBD (25 parts to 1,000,000).

CBD Oil and Hemp Oil Are Used for Different Things

So these two differ for use purposes, too. CBD Oil is often used for remedial purposes such as recovery, inflammation, and relaxation. Hemp Oil can be used as a supplement and is found in topical applications, too, such as lotions and soaps.

Summing Up the Differences

They can still get along nicely together, though. Being that the oils are extracted from different parts of the plant, and are used for different things, they’re both from the same Cannabis Plant. So we get your initial confusion.

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