Flower of CBD Oil with THC

When you’re in search of what CBD Oil has THC, there are a variety of things to consider. Are you searching for which CBD has the most THC for purchasing or are you genuinely curious? Let’s take a look at how CBD Oil relates with THC.

CBD Oil: Is it Weed?

Marijuana (“weed”) is only legal in certain states, so you’ll have to check your local laws about purchasing products with a high level of THC.

CBD Oil and Weed are not the same thing. Though, since they both come from the same plant (Cannabis), there is a certain amount (though, lower in CBD) in CBD Oil and Weed. More can be learned about that, here.

CBD Oil With THC

In short, all CBD Oils have THC– it just tends to be the tiniest amount. The specific amount of THC in CBD-product will likely be expressed with the product description— since THC is both:

  • Not legal all across the US, yet
  • The product brand is going to have their own standards for adding THC into the product since little regulation is happening now

Hemp Products has a path to exit the marijuana/THC stigma. Companies advertising the additional enhancement of THC are likely to advertise such since the industry doesn’t seem to flaunt it’s correlation to the effects of THC.

CBD Oil Without THC

It’s difficult to come across CBD Oil without THC (with not even a small amount) because of it being sourced from the Cannabis Plant.

CBD Oil with Low THC

This type of CBD Oil is more common on the market today. So when you want CBD Oil with THC, you’re pretty much getting that. It just depends on the level of THC you’re looking for to purchase. Since there aren’t any standards used across-the-board, you’ll have to review specific products and brands to review their THC levels.

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